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13th annual Bray Benefit Auction and Brickyard Bash
June 18-July 25, 2009
Brickyard Bash

The Brickyard Bash began in 1984 to celebrate the purchase of the Bray family brickyard and to thank the community for its’ support. Under the direction of Kurt Weiser, the acquisition of 25 acres allowed for new studios, improvement to the clay business facilities, and according to Weiser, opportunities for the residents to “stretch out and do things they never did before”.

The annual Bray Benefit Auction attracts artists, collectors and life long supporters of the Bray from around the country. Artwork from over 130 ceramic artists is included in our Llive, Silent, Cup and new this year, Online Auction. This is the Bray’s biggest fundraiser of the year and helps support the residency program. The Bray’s residency program supports artists by offering rent-free studios, subsidized material and firing costs, as well as direct funding through fellowships and stipends. The auction items are on display for the duration of the exhibition with the bidding closing at the Live Auction celebration and Brickyard Bash at the end of July.

This year, the closing reception, Live Auction and Brickyard Bash, will take place Saturday, July 25th, 2009.


Live Auction

Linda Arbuckle
Adrian Arleo
John Balistreri
Josh DeWeese
Julia Galloway
John Gill
Sarah Jaeger
Jun Kaneko
Steven Young Lee
David Regan
Don Reitz
Chris Staley
Richard Swanson
Akio Takamori
Patti Warashina
Kurt Weiser

Silent Auction

Dean Adams
Daniel Anderson
Robert Archambeau
Renee Audette
Megan Bogonovich
Birdie Boone
Sally Brogden
Shay Church
Nathan Craven
Esthela Dagua
Nicolas Darcourt
Cary Esser
Donna Flanery
Erin Furimsky
Ovidio Giberga
Steven Godfrey
Gerit Grimm
Martha Grover
Robert Harrison
Jeremy Hatch
Claire Hedden
Trey Hill
Eva Kwong
Christy Lasater
Tyler Lotz
Dana Major Kanovitz
Andrew Martin
Richard Notkin
Jeff Oestreich
David Peters
Anne Drew Potter
Jeanette Rakowski
Brian Rochefort
Irene Saito
McKenzie Smith
Kevin Snipes
Curtis Stewardson

Cup Auction

Jennifer Allen
Renee Brown
Shay Church
Mark Cole
Josh DeWeese
Kowkie Durst
Emily Free Wilson
Hiroe Hanazono
Dara Hartman
Ayumi Horie
Rebecca Hutchinson
Ben Krupka
Jayson Lawfer
Steven Young Lee
Warren  MacKenzie
Paul Maseyk
George McCauley
Karl McDade
Melissa Mencini
Peter Morgan
Lynn Munns
Aaron Nelson
Jess Parker
Kristin Pavelka
Steven Roberts
Peter Scherzer
Cheri Thornton
Eric Van Eimeren
Kurt Webb
Rosalie Wynkoop
Kensuke Yamada
Todd Zack

Online Auction

Chadwick Augustine
Robert Brady
Victoria Christen
Sam Chung
Michael Connelly
Chad Curtis
Kim Dickey
Marc Digeros
Sanam Emami
Diana Fayt
Christopher Gustin
Ayumi Horie
Matthew Kelleher
Gail Kendall
James Klein
Michael Kline
Beth Lo
Lorna Meaden
Alleghany Meadows
Matthew Metz
Ron Meyers
Jeffry Mitchell
Jess Parker
Mark Pharis
Pete Pinnell
Joseph Pintz
Jeanne Quinn
David Reid
Elizabeth Robinson
Jane Shellenbarger
Linda Sikora
Robert Silverman
Sandy Simon
Albion Stafford
Karen Swyler
Shoko Teruyama
Christina West
SunKoo Yuh