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65th Anniversary Bray Benefit Auction and Brickyard Bash

Brickyard BashHow the Auction and Bidding Works... 


The Live Auction preview is on display in the North Gallery until July 22. The Silent and Cup Auctions are on display in the Warehouse Gallery from June 16–July 23. The galleries are open Monday–Saturday 10 am–5 pm and Sunday 1–5 pm.

Bidding begins on the Silent and Cup Auctions on Thursday, June 16 at 6pm. The Live Auction will take place on Saturday, July 23 at 7:30pm. Final bidding on the Silent and Cup Auctions will also take place on July 23. The Cup Auction will close at 7pm with the Silent Auction following at 7:15pm.

Admission to the closing reception, Live Auction and Brickyard Bash on July 23 will be $20 in advance or $20 for members and $25 for non-members at the door.

To purchase tickets in advance call the Bray North Gallery at 406/443-3502 ext. 18 or go to Allegra Marketing, Print & Mail; Benny's Bistro; the Hawthorn Bottle Shop & Tasting Room; or Sole Sisters.


For the Live, Silent and Cup Auctions any bidder must have a registered "bidder number" which will be used to identify your bids.

During business hours, you may register for a bidder number by visiting the Bray North Gallery or calling 406/443-3502 ext.18. Those unable to attend the auctions are encouraged to take part by absentee/proxy bidding. Click here for more information on proxy bidding.


Bidding on Silent and Cup Auction artworks will begin on, Thursday, June 16 at 6pm. All those wishing to bid must have a registered bidder number.

To Make a Silent Auction bid:
1. On the bid sheet next to the piece, print your registered bidder number in the space next to the amount you wish to bid.

2. Bidding must increase in established increments printed on each bid sheet. You may skip ahead to a higher amount if you would prefer to. The highest value filled in on the bid sheet will be the recorded as the current bid. Please draw a line through the skipped bid increments.

3. ASSURED BUY OPTION- if you wish to ensure purchase of a piece of artwork, you may write your bidder number in the Assured Bid Box. At that point, no one can outbid you. Assured bids for the Silent Auction are two times the retail value and three times the retail value for the Cup Auction.

4. In the event there are multiple bidders vying for the same artwork at the end of the Silent Auction bidding, an impromptu live auction will take place to determine the winning bidder.


1. Viewing of the Live Auction in the North Gallery will remain open through July 22.

2. Bidding on the Live Auction artwork will begin at 7:30pm on Saturday, July 23. All those wishing to bid on the Live Auction artwork must be registered for a bidder number before 7:30pm. To bid, please raise the numbered bidder card (that you will be provided) and hold it up until you are certain that the auctioneer has acknowledged your bid.


Phone and E-mail Bids
Those unable to attend on July 23 are encouraged to take part in the auctions by proxy. During business hours, you may register for a bidder number by contacting the Bray North Gallery, 406/443-3502 ext. 18.

Once you have registered as a bidder and have a bidder number, you may bid by email (, or by phone (406/443-3502 ext. 18).

All bids received by email and through voice mail will be confirmed by the end of the next business day. If you do not receive a confirmation email or call, we may not have received your bid. Please call the Bray North Gallery if in doubt.

Phone and e-mail bids will be accepted until 5 pm MDT on Friday, July 22.

During the auction the Bray will provide a designated proxy bidder to bid on your behalf. Proxy bidders will only use as much of your maximum bid as is necessary to maintain your position as high bidder and the final price may be less than your maximum.

All proxy bids will be held in strict confidence.


Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Make checks payable to the Archie Bray Foundation.

Cashier and pickup stations will be open in the Warehouse Gallery until 10 pm following the closing of the Live Auction on Saturday, July 23.

Beginning Sunday, July 24, all artwork may be paid for and picked up in the North Gallery during gallery business hours, Monday–Saturday 10 am–5 pm and Sunday 1–5 pm. All galleries and offices will be closed on Monday, July 25.



The use of your bidder number to make a bid means you have agreed to the auction rules and have made a legally binding contract to purchase if your bid is the winning bid.

Every effort has been made to describe all auction items accurately. Each artist has determined the retail value and details of the donated item.

Winning bidders will be given a receipt at the time of payment. Documentation on the artwork, retail price, amount of winning bid and information on the Archie Bray’s tax exempt status and Federal I.D. tax number will also be provided. Please consult your tax advisor for any charitable donation tax deduction.

The Archie Bray Foundation reserves the right to add or withdraw items from the auction without notice.

Auction e-mail Address:

Thank you for your interest in the 65th Anniversary Bray Benefit Auction. Your support is greatly appreciated.